Abingdon Marathon 2018 – Trust the Training!

You might want to settle down, grab a cuppa and a caramel wafer (I swear this blog is not actually sponsored by Tunnocks, but we all have dreams, if I mention them enough just maybe….) and get comfy because my marathon write-ups are usually pretty long and my fourth one is proving no different. I… Continue reading Abingdon Marathon 2018 – Trust the Training!

Marathon proof make-up

Yes, I KNOW this one isn't going to have universal appeal. I could shoehorn something in for my male running friends, but I REALLY don't know which plasters are best for stopping horrendous nip bleed. And I'm just going to recommend Vaseline for like, EVERYthing else, because I don't want to think about specific male… Continue reading Marathon proof make-up

Track – and how I learned to love running round in circles.

Sort of continuing my theme of ‘things I didn’t think were a thing that it turns out are actually a thing’ in running, I’ve been thinking recently about one of my favourite sessions of the week, which is track. It’s slightly different from the other things I didn’t think were a thing, because this is… Continue reading Track – and how I learned to love running round in circles.