I never really had any sporting heroes. There are people that I admire, and like to see doing well and now that I run I’d probably pee my pants if I was ever in the same postcode as Paula Radcliffe or Mo Farah… but I don’t generally view sports people in the same way as… Continue reading Heroes

Sexualisation of female athletes

I’m fairly new to Instagram. I’m still kind of finding my way on social media, and only really went on Instagram originally to try to promote this here blog. So if someone follows me, and I have a little look at their profile, if it looks legit I follow back. This is not a particularly… Continue reading Sexualisation of female athletes

Track – and how I learned to love running round in circles.

Sort of continuing my theme of ‘things I didn’t think were a thing that it turns out are actually a thing’ in running, I’ve been thinking recently about one of my favourite sessions of the week, which is track. It’s slightly different from the other things I didn’t think were a thing, because this is… Continue reading Track – and how I learned to love running round in circles.